Print Barcodes With DYMO Printer

VinCellar now has added support for printing barcodes with your DYMO LaberWriter 450 printer.  

While we have added DYMO support, using the Zebra printer is still our preferred and recommended method of printing barcode labels. 


See our blog post to learn why Zebra printing is best. 


To print with the DYMO, use the VinCellar print wizard as normal to select the barcodes that you wish to print. After you have selected your barcodes, click the Download DYMO Labels link to download a .zip file containing individual label files for each DYMO barcode label. You can open these labels using the DYMO Label Software and print the file as you would any other DYMO label file. 



For more information on the DYMO Label Software, please visit their support site


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