Adding Wine to VinCellar

Method 1:  You can add wine to VinCellar quickly and easily using the "Add Wine" button on the right side of the Common Tasks menu in the VinCellar home screen.

To add a wine, enter the vintage and a keyword.  For non-vintage wine, enter NV.  Let's add a few bottles of 2000 Latour by entering "2000 Latour" into the search field, and pressing "Search".  A list of matching wines will be generated below the search box.

Click on "Enter Details" and fill out the information requested.  Quantity and location are required.  "Home Site" is the default location, assuming that you are storing the wine at your home.  You can also create a new location, useful if you have off-site storage or a second home.

Once you click "Done", the next screen will show you that you have added your wine to VinCellar!  Congratulations!  You can do this as many times as necessary to add wine to your collection at any time.

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