Tips for Successful Wine Shipping

Vinfolio's shipping default uses our "Safe Shipping" method - we check the weather to make sure it falls between 20°F - 75°F at both the origin (American Canyon) and destination, and we will ship only on a Monday or Tuesday.  To waive this weather check, please contact us and we can release your order and ship regardless of the weather, on any day you like.  

Here are a few pointers for the most seamless delivery possible:

  • Always use the quickest speed possible. This might mean a higher shipping cost, but weigh the costs of shipping against the risk to your wine should you choose to send it across the country using a slower speed.
  • Ship to a business address, or to a building that has a doorman that can accept your delivery. We recommend shipping to an address that is equipped to receive shipments during standard business hours. This ensures that shipments will not remain overnight in vans or warehouse facilities without temperature controls.
  • Ensure the presence of a receiver of legal age. Since a wine shipment contains alcohol, carriers are required by law to obtain an adult (over 21 years of age) signature upon receipt.
  • Monitor your tracking number. FedEx and Golden State Overnight often update their tracking information in real time, so if there is a problem with your delivery, you should be notified fairly quickly.
  • Be aware of any changes in weather or other issues that could delay delivery. A sudden storm may throw a wrench into your delivery timing, which unfortunately, is uncontrollable. The shutting down of streets for festivals such as Mardi Gras, the NYC Marathon, or a Presidential visit can also affect your delivery, so try to plan around them if possible.

If you have any questions regarding shipping, please don't hesitate to contact us at!

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