How do I get my wine to you for storage?

You may drop off wine in person at our American Canyon location or our San Francisco location (4 case limit in SF), have the wine picked up by our temperature-controlled van, or have the wine sent directly to us from another vendor.

Some tips for shipping:

  • Pack your wine well.  We use Styrofoam shippers because it offers sufficient protection from your wine during transport.  Styrofoam also offers a bit of insulation so that your wine does not change too much in temperature while it is in transit.
  • Include a packing list whenever possible.  It is always helpful to have a list for our Inbound Inventory team to reference when checking in your wine, so we can research any discrepancies.
  • Ship on a Monday or Tuesday.  Ideally, you want your wine to get to us before the weekend, so shipping at the beginning of the week will usually guarantee the wine won't sit in a non-temperature controlled warehouse over the weekend.
  • Use the fastest speed available.  Though it can be pricier, quick transit and limited exposure to a non-temp controlled environment is priceless!
  • Include your name and account number on shipments.  This is to ensure we are inventorying your wine to the correct account.


To ship to our storage facility, label your shipment as follows:

644 Hanna Drive, Suite E
American Canyon, CA 94503


If you are moving your wine to us from another state, please contact us at so we can help you find a way to get your wine to our facility.

To ship t


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