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VinCellar provides you the ability to upload PDF files of your invoices from your wine purchases. This means you can have an online copy of all your invoices to help you track your wine provenance. No more need to keep paper copies!

Because most collectors purchase multiple wines at the same time, VinCellar makes it easy to upload the invoice only one time for all the wines. Upon upload, these invoice files are automatically associated with any wines purchased from the same purchase source and with the same purchase date and invoice number. 



  • The invoice must be a PDF file. Want to easily convert your paper invoices to PDF?  There are a number of apps in the Android and IPhone app stores that will convert image files to PDF files. 
  • The uploaded PDF file must be less than 900k in size
  • The wine you are uploading the invoice for must have a purchase date, purchase source and invoice number set at the time of upload
  • You cannot upload invoices for Vinfolio purchased wines. Those are automatically uploaded by the system


How To Use Invoice Upload 

1. From "My Cellar", Click on a wine that you wish to upload an invoice for


2. On the resulting Wine Detail page, click the the edit link for the purchase record


3. Upload your PDF invoice file. Make sure that you also set purchase date,  purchase source and invoice number for the wine. 


4. After upload, your invoice is associated with all wines with the same purchase date, purchase source and invoice number.


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