Printing Barcodes from VinCellar - Windows PC

  1. Go to the VinCellar “Home” tab and Click on “Print Barcodes” on the right side Common Tasks area.
  2. Browse or search and pick a few wines and click next.
  3. On this page you should see two links in the bottle left corner of the page. One of the links should match your printer number (found on the front of the printer).  Click the link to download the barcode file.
  4. Open with Notepad and Print
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    Christiane Volk

    When setting this up today I noticed that I was unable to zero out the margins until I had selected the printer. If you are in this situation and unable to print, please go back to Printer Properties and select a different USB port. Once this has been done you should be able to print without issue.

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