FedEx Temperature Control Shipping Explained

What is the "Temperature Control" shipping method listed on the order process?

For the warm weather season, Temperature-Controlled shipping (aka FedEx Cold Chain) starts shipping to southern states in May or June. We recommend shipping using this method when weather across the country exceeds 65 degrees. This shipping method transports and stores your wine (during the evening and weekends) at a stable 55 degree temperature until it reaches one of five hub stations throughout the United States. (The southern route is Dallas, Atlanta and Orlando. The northern route is Chicago and Newark). From the hub, FedEx Overnight Service picks up the shipment for overnight delivery to you. If you ship to a business address, delivery is done before 10:30 AM. If you ship to a home address, delivery is before 12:00 PM. Shipments leave California on a Friday and are delivered to Midwest states by Tuesday and East Coast states by Wednesday.

FedEx rates are based on the distance of the delivery address from the nearest hub. Please be aware that if you live far from one of the above five hubs, this shipping method may not necessarily make sense for you due to the financial cost to ship from the hub to you using FedEx Overnight service. However if you live close to the hub, rates are very similar to FedEx Ground shipping rates.

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