Pre-arrivals and Futures Purchases

Wine sold by Vinfolio may be offered on a pre-arrivals or futures basis. This means that Vinfolio is not yet in physical possession of the wine at the time it is sold to Customer, even though Vinfolio has a purchase commitment with a supplier that matches its sale to Customer. Most wines normally arrive within a few months of the purchase with some notable exceptions such as newly offered Bordeaux futures which may arrive as much as 2-3 years after they are initially offered. Upon the arrival of the wine and a satisfactory inspection by Vinfolio, Vinfolio will update the order status automatically and trigger an email notification to Customer.

The estimated time for a pre-arrival wine to arrive is displayed on the website when ordering. The time period indicated represents our best estimate based on information provided to us by our suppliers at the time of Vinfolio's purchase or subsequently. Occasionally, the original estimate may be extended based on new information we receive. We understand this can be frustrating but Vinfolio does not control all variables which affect timing of delivery. For example, a producer may defer a release beyond its original anticipated date. Please be assured that delivery of your wine is guaranteed (see our guarantee of pre-arrival delivery). However, Vinfolio shall not be liable for Customer expenses caused by delivery delays (e.g., credit card finance charges) as no promise of delivery by a given date can be made with certainty.

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