Can I return wine bought via Marketplace?

No. Every bottle sold via the Marketplace must pass Vinfolio's Inspection Guidelines which will eliminate bottles with detectable flaws but is otherwise sold "AS IS." While Vinfolio inspects each bottle, it does not warrant any bottle's suitability for consumption as it is the buyer's decision to bid on a wine that may have passed its useful life (the bid price would presumably reflect that risk) and it is not possible to determine certain flaws through inspection alone.

However, Vinfolio encourages bidders with complaints about wine condition or if they believe the item to have been misrepresented relative to Vinfolio's Inspection Guidelines to contact Vinfolio actively manages Marketplace activity and is able to trace and manage faulty sources based on your feedback via the unique bar code label applied to each bottle during our inspection process. Recurring sources of damaged wine will lose their selling privileges in the Marketplace.

Vinfolio has every incentive to preserve the integrity of the Marketplace, not to mention its own reputation, by making all reasonable efforts to ensure the quality of the wine sold via the Marketplace.

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