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Please Read. - Important Changes to Marketplace.

Feb 13, 2014

Hi ,

Thank you for making our Marketplace such a success!

After 3 years of running our Marketplace, we are taking a moment in early 2014 to apply our learnings to vastly improve the buying and selling experience for the collectors we serve.

We are excited to announce a restructuring of our Marketplace platform that will elevate the quality of listings and delivering a more compelling shopping experience for the serious Collector or the casual browser of our site.

Your feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Buyers are excited to find aged and/or rare wines that have long disappeared from store shelves or the internet; while sellers have found an easy, low cost way to rebalance their cellars. At the same time you've told us that a few things can be frustrating, most notably unrealistic or unclear pricing and the few but annoying transactions that do not close.

So today, we are announcing the following evolutions. Beginning March 1, 2014:

In order to assure clarity of pricing and an enhanced focus on the highest quality wines -- all wines for sale will require a BUYNOW or Hidden Reserve price and a minimum selling fee of $15 per bottle.
In order to assure rapid and reliable fulfillment and to reduce your own shipping hassles -- we will limit listings to wines currently held in Vinfolio Storage.
In order to promote market-realistic pricing -- the current storage subsidy on wines marked for sale and in Vinfolio storage will be discontinued. Normal storage rates will apply to all bottles at Vinfolio whether or not they are marked for sale.
In return for the above, cancellation fees will be discontinued. Instead, any Seller with a Marketplace cancellation will be subject to an account review and will no longer be allowed to sell if wines they are attempting to sell are of poor quality or with material flaws that fail to meet our inspection guidelines.

Please note that selling off-site collections that are greater than $10,000 is still possible through Fixed Price Auction. With this option, a dedicated professional will manage all the identification, listing, selling and transportation logistics involved. You can reach the program manager by emailing:

Thank-you again for your feedback and loyalty. We are excited for these improvements to our Marketplace system and the impact they will have on improving the customer experience.

Best regards,

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San Francisco, CA 94110

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