Troubleshooting Guide

Use this guide to trouble shoot your printing issues.  Please add comments if you have questions not answered here and we will update this list.

The printer is working but not printing directly on the label or partially printing.

  • Your printer needs to be calibrated.  Please use the calibration guide to re-calibrate your printer. If this does not work, it might be that the margins in Notepad (PC) need to be set to zero.   See the Notepad steps in the set up guide to fix this. PC Instructions.

The printer is printing gibberish that looks like this: "^XA^LH0, 35^BY3,2.5,5^FO5,25^B3N,N,80,Y,Y^FDLRCEEU1M0^FS..."

  • The reason that it is printing gibberish is that the printer is not set up with the Generic print driver, but rather some other print driver.  Thus, instead just passing through to the printer what is on notepad as the actual printing instructions, the print driver interprets for you and sends instructions to print out the text.  During setup you must pick the "Generic" print driver so that the information on note pad is sent directly to the printer.  Windows will try to direct you to using the Zebra drivers, which is wrong.

    Since you are sending commands to the printer successfully, the first thing is to go to Start > "Devices and Printers" > Right Click on the Printer > "Printer Properties" > "Advanced" tab > Driver: Either select "Generic / Text Only" from the drop down or click on "New Driver" and go through the wizard selecting "Generic" as Manufacturer and "Generic / Text Only" as the Printer.


    If that doesn't work, delete your installation and start over making sure to follow the instructions exactly. PC Instructions, Mac Instructions.  

Every few barcodes doesn't print or has strange letters and numbers in it.

  • This issue happens with Notepad on a PC where the Header and Footer have not been cleared out.  See the Notepad steps in the set up guide to fix this. PC Instructions.

I followed the set up instructions but nothing is happening when I print (PC).  The printer is greyed out as if it's not plugged in.

  • This usually happens because you use several USB devices with this PC and there are several Virtual USB ports to choose from.  Find your printer by going to the Start Menu > Devices and Printers.  You should see your printer but it should be faded out as if it's not connected.  Right Click on your printer > Choose "Printer Properties" > Select the tab "Ports".  You will see ports called "USB001, USB002, USB003... etc."  Starting with the highest number first, select one, and click "OK" to exit.  Try to print after you change each Port selection until the device prints.  Once you have the correct virtual USB port selected the printer image will be solid in Device and Printers.

I followed the set up instructions but nothing is happening when I print (Mac) using Vinfolio's printing app.

  • In order for the Vinfolio Printing App to work you must name the printer corretly durring setup and you must download the .ZPL print file into your Downloads folder.  See these instructions to check if you set up the printer name correctly Mac Instructions.  Also make sure your web browser is set to download files to the Downloads folder.

Printing is too faint or too dark.

  • First make sure use the calibration guide to re-calibrate your printer.  Then hold down the printer button until it blinks for a 6th time and release it.  The printer will begin printing labels starting with very light and getting darker.  Press the button to stop printing and lock in the darkness of the most recent label.
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